Echoing others through JR's INSIDEOUT art project / by amina kadous

If this city would talk it would rather stay silent and in sadness, sad for the illminded and sad for lack of awarness and passiveness.

We all have stories to tell, were all filled with talks and voices






Motivation, passion, 

drama and life…

We try to expose that in different ways and sometimes we try to hide it. But hiding is not always the case, you sometimes need to confront yourself and that can be scary as well. There are those who are scared from themselves and so they try to hide away their faces or try to deny all facts of their existence, but through this project I tried to echo people and tried to give them a voice which in many ways they wanted to escape from and ended up tearing down the photos before it even completes its 24 hours on the wall of el Shatby Hospital.

We have reached to a state of denial and intolerance of anything strange around us. Its sad to see that people are scared of themselves, their surrounding and not being able to confront and be part of a change. They have stopped helping themselves and not even leaving the community around them to grow and help others. There is greed, darkness and lack of trust everywhere… I don’t blame those people of the actions they do, but I also don’t forgive them for what they have done.









All photos courtesy to Tarek Mahmoud, Ahmed Shalaby and Mostafa El Refaei.