I search for what has gone and what has yet to come; what is hidden, what is missing and what has been lost. Linking the past and present through the layering of time as it folds like a discarded envelope into multidimensional forms, I seek in time’s history a means for understanding who I am as a person. I am in constant motion as my memories race against and with my present. The chiaroscuro of life shapes the contours, the edges of my experience creating balance as the contrasts catch light’s reflections, highlighting moments of transformation. Anchored in memory, these moments are re-presented in my work in the immediacy of the present and as momentary glimpses into possible futures. 

Line, color, shape and form are elements and principles I use to portray myself, to capture moments of living.

The use of mixed media, the exploration of varying mediums and materials are a continuous form of discovery. I try to unlock and explore the possibilities of life through these journeys of awakenings. 

Besides being an artist, I see myself more of an explorer of materials, ideas, meanings and the hidden ambiguous parts of life that I have not yet lived. For me, there is beauty in disorder, a disorder reflected through my state of abstraction.
The force that keeps the energy flowing within me begins with each new day, each new sunrise and the explorations as the light traverses the sky revealing and filling life with new shapes, new lines, colors and expressions that are molded, formed and created by the  elements and interpretation of the viewer. 

Curiosity drives me. My art is always in flux and unconfined to one medium, one form, one single unchanging reality grounded and driven by experience as a woman and an Egyptian. That is my signature: my work, like time, evolves…